Juniper Park

Juniper Park

Wednesday morning found us without any errands to run and a need to get out of the house (it’s cleaning day). Luckily we had excellent weather for March. My good friend Pam was in the same predicament as me so she suggested we meet at Juniper Park.

It was a lovely morning which reminded me of the endless mornings Pam and I used to share when we both only had one kid. We would scour the city looking for new and different parks to explore. And with the ease of only watching one, we had plenty of time to chat and enjoy each other’s company. Since our older kids are in school, we were back to one kid each – for now.

I first heard of this park from my friend Vonda. She had 3 kids at the time, I was still on my first. Even with one kid I thought it was a great park. It had all the elements one needs in a park. A water element. Sand. Two play structures. Two swing sets. Soft surface. Grassy areas, small but enough to picnic. Benches. Sun. And Shade.

Ben at Juniper Park

Now that I am soon to be a mother of four, I saw other benefits of this park that Vonda must have already thought about. It’s small enough to see your kids where ever you are standing. It’s completely fenced off. And there is plenty of free parking.

The only minus is that there are no bathrooms. Unfortunately for a lot of the parks in the city this is the case, so it’s hardly a limiting factor for me. Luckily I have boys, they can just pee on a tree. Hmmm, I should probably ask my attorney husband if there is an age limit for arrest of public urination…

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