Pregnancy Update – Week 25

This week I had another appointment with my Ob/Gyn as well as the Glucose test.

I’ve never had a problem with the this particular test in the past, but I had a friend over the other day who did and she told me the way you eat the day before really effects things. She said she ate cinnamon the day before to lower her blood sugar and was sure it helped her results.

Since my last pregnancy, they have changed the Glucose test. They used to give you the syrup to drink before you came in, then took your blood when you got there. You had to fast for 12 hours before taking the test.

This time you still had to fast for 12 hours but instead of imbibing at home, you go to the doctor’s office and get your blood taken, then drink the Glucose, then wait an hour and get your blood taken, then wait another hour and get your blood taken again.

It’s a much stricter test and it requires you to either 1. leave your other kids at home 2. get someone to watch them or 3. entertain them for 3 hours in a waiting room. Thanks Adam, it was much nicer to read my book and watch the other mothers with their screaming kids than have a screaming kid of my own to chase after!

The doctor checked my weight, which was 157 pounds, so I’ve now gained around 37 pounds. My heart rate is still good at 102/66 and the babies heart rates came in at 134 bpm and 147 bpm, also good.

I’ll let you know how the Glucose results came out as soon as I hear.

Finally, I was also scheduled for another ultrasound, called a ‘growth’ ultrasound in two weeks. I’m looking forward to seeing the babies again.

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