What’s for Dinner?

Irv and Shelly’s Fresh Picks arrived on Wednesday.

Unfortunately both Adam and I caught the stomach bug that Jack and Ben had. My iron stomach wasn’t so effected (I haven’t thrown up in 23 years) but every one else took their turns puking up their lunches.

Anyway, after all that I was able to focus on all the great things I received on my doorstep on Wednesday. In my ‘Fresh Picks’ box I received a butternut squash, multi-colored carrots (4), cabbage, rainbow chard, a red bell pepper, and farm fresh eggs. I also ordered a whole free range chicken and two large grass fed organic NY strip steaks.

The food was all labeled from the farms it came from. There were also recipes attached to the invoice.

It was not cheap. Well, the fresh picks box was reasonable at $18. The whole chicken was $4.25 a pound and the steaks were $18.49 a pound.

Even though some of the items were more expensive, I reminded myself that you can’t put a cost on your family’s health. Who knows the impact of exposing them to pesticides or feeding them meats that have been given antibiotics and fed genetically modified feed? And what about the environmental impact that we have by eating foods from all over the globe instead of locally grown products? It’s all part of an equation I never thought about before reading The Omnivore’s Dilemma.

I must say I was very excited to see all the vegetables spread out on my counter. Instead of circling the supermarket for ages hoping for a new dinner idea, here was a bunch of things I never normally buy begging me to find use for them. It was like a puzzle waiting to be solved.

Roast Chicken, Butternut Squash and Brown Rice

I quickly made a plan:

First night, roast chicken with butternut squash baked in a brown butter sauce and the left over brown rice from the night before.

Second night, the rest of the roast chicken with cole slaw (Jack’s favorite!) and a can of baked beans from the pantry.

Third night, grilled steak & grilled red pepper with garlic sauteed rainbow chard, and the whole wheat cheese tortellini package in the fridge.

The eggs can be used for breakfast in quiche, egg sandwiches or our favorite mexican breakfast – scrambled eggs with cheese, black beans, sour cream and salsa wrapped in a corn tortilla.

How fun and exciting! I can’t wait for my next order!

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2 thoughts on “What’s for Dinner?

  1. My favorite kind of post! I love to see what people are having for dinner. Helps me figure out how to cope with that getting-dinner-on-the-table thing. Hey, have you seen Forks over Knives? They feature the China Study in it, among others. My sis is trying vegan(ish)ism. I made my first lentil loaf (sounds terrible, but several people have told me about really good ones they’ve had.) I thought it was very good. The boys were lukewarm–thought I could season it differently, but ate without too much fuss for a new thing. Doesn’t your Whole Foods or other natural grocery store carry local meat?

    • Yes, Whole Foods carries natural and organic, but I’m not sure how local it is. Still, it’s better than not organic or grass fed. I need to do more research. Haven’t seen Forks over Knives but now I want to! By the way, on an unrelated topic, I just started “Oracle Bones” by Peter Hessler (my favorite author about all things China).

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