Little Beans Cafe

Ben at Little Beans Cafe

A few days ago I met my friend Sara at Little Beans Cafe. I’ve been here before when it first opened. At that time it was very crowded. And for some reason I remember the open space + all the different push cars = a lot of crying.

This time I liked it a lot better. Maybe it’s because I didn’t spend the whole time telling Ben not to ram other people with push cars, like I did the first time with Jack. Or maybe because it wasn’t so crowded that I felt claustrophobic. Either way, it’s definitely something I would do again.

There are a few things that make this pay-to-play space different than some of the others in the city. First, you can bring food and drink into the play space. How often do you wish you had a coffee while you were watching your children not share well with others? We ordered a grill cheese and ate it without having to disrupt the play that much at all. Also, they give all the kids stickers with their names on them. I found this a nice touch. Kids respond to your reprimands a lot better if you use their name first. It just makes it all a bit more friendly.

It’s open M-F from 9-6. Sat from 9-3 and Sun from 9-1. Daily pass is $12 per kid, siblings are $7. You can save money buying a 10 visit pass or yearly membership.

Don’t forget your socks!

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