Pregnancy Update – Week 22

I think at this point I’m fully aware that we are going to have FOUR kids. We are duly preparing for it by gathering baby stuff, setting up the nursery, looking at minivans, bunking the older boys, going to all the right doctor’s visits. We have hired a summer helper. I’m starting to get excited about the next challenge I’m going to face.

However, I’m not sure I’ve really got my head fully around it all. A few weeks ago, after the 20 week ultrasound showed how different the babies looked, Adam said, “Maybe it will be a girl and a boy.”.

I replied, “Ugh, girl and boy! That would be the worst! The whole benefit of twins is one drop off instead of two! If we have different sex they will have different activities.

So Adam said next, “Maybe it will be two girls. Then you will finally get your girls.”

I replied, “Ugh, two girls! All those female drama hormones doubled! Forget it!

So, what was left but for Adam to say, “Maybe it will be two boys?

Me, “Four boys! Are you crazy! I’ll be bruised forever!

Finally Adam sat me down and looked me in the eye and said, “You realize one of these three scenarios is going to happen, right?”

Hmph. I guess I haven’t really thought it through! Right now it’s just a haze in my mind. A haze with Jack, Ben and two other blobs swirling around. And Adam!

In truth, I don’t care what the sex is. As long as they are healthy it will be great. And no matter what the sex of the twins are, I’m the kind of person that eventually feels no matter what the result, I’m lucky that it turned out that way. I guess I should start thinking of those positive reasons now, eh?

I did get a comment I liked from a Dad in the park the other day. In his East End accent he said, “If it’s two boys, no one is going to mess with them in school, are they?

Now that’s a plus!

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