Field Mouse Diorama

Yes, it's a Zhu Zhu Pet

Jack goes to an amazing pre-school. He is learning so much. I know if he stayed at home with me there is no way he would know things like his alphabet and how to use scissors.

One thing I am surprised about is that they occasionally have home work. Homework in pre-school? And it’s not easy things like watching them trace letters. It’s stuff like science experiments. Recently we were asked to make a diorama. A diorama! I’m not sure how long it took all the other families but it was an insane amount of time and effort. Adam was working with him for over an hour to produce this. And I spent a ton of time researching and shopping beforehand. I can’t imagine how much more effort it would have been if I didn’t basically buy everything ready for assembly.

It’s really freaking me out about the future. How will I cover four kids homework assignments every night?

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