Grandpa Devensky Visits

Ben pushing Grandpa around

The kids are always excited for a visit from Grandpa Devensky. He’s got an incredible ability to relate to each kid differently, each in their own way, at their own stage of development.

Both kids enjoy rough housing with him. There is a lot of wrestling going on around here lately. Poor Grandpa has already gotten his glasses broken this way. I’m sure he’ll go home with many new bruises from the boys and perhaps even a cold too.

Ben’s favorite game is to man handle him. He likes to push him into one room then another. Or shove him into a wall and laugh hysterically.

Grandpa joking with Jack

Jack hasn’t stopped laughing since Grandpa got here. Not only can he hold his own with the poopy jokes, but he can joke with Jack until he has him on the floor in a belly laugh.

All this would be enough to make me quite happy. But Grandpa Devensky is more than just enough. He even manages to think of me too. I don’t think I’ve touched a dirty dish since he’s been here! Thanks Grandpa! If only you lived closer…


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