Toys R Usuck

Dear Toys R Usuck,

Please do not split the customer service line in two, one for ‘guest relations’ and the other for ‘online orders’, then proceed to give preference to the ‘online orders’ even when there is a line practically out the door for ‘guest relations’. It makes me feel like a second class citizen.

Please train your staff so that when I finally get to the front of the line after waiting 20 minutes, they can actually help me instead of sending me home to do it myself online.

Please do not send me flyers that have already expired. I’m not even sure if this practice is legal.

Please train your staff so when you come in with an expired flyer, you do not have both a floor staffer and a cashier tell you that you are right and to stand BACK in the ‘guest relations’ line for another 30 minutes to fix it.


Concerned Customer (or should I say ex-customer?)

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