CTA Holiday Train

The Holiday Train

Tonight we were very lucky to have the Holiday Train come right by our house, go around the Loop and return us home. It took 40 minute and we didn’t have to switch trains at all.

We met up with a bunch of mom friends and their kids. Between us, our helpers and our strollers we took over half of a train car.

There were elves giving out mini candy canes. And there was holiday music. And lots of decorations. And one car in the middle with a live Santa in a sleigh.

Jack and Ben with some of their buddies

I like to take our kids to see all these things, even though we are Jewish and it makes for some creative explanations. Trying to explain that Santa doesn’t come to their house but comes to just about everyone else’s house they know can be tricky. Thank goodness for eight days of presents. That helps a lot!

If you are interested in seeing the Holiday Train, there are still plenty of days left. Every day they do a different route. You can see what matches your schedule best by checking the website: CTA Holiday Train Schedule.



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