Midnight Circus

My friend Pam suggested we try the Midnight Circus in the Park one of these weekends. Finally this weekend we made it work, along with a handful of our mutual friends. I’m not sure where she finds all these great things to do in the city but I feel lucky to have such a great resource.

Cotton Candy!

Once again Jack surprised me with his maturity. It was such a joy to watch him engaged in the show. He totally got the slap stick clown humor. Ben was mostly interested in dancing to the music, but he was fairly containable. Enough for us to enjoy most of the show.

Tickets were $15 per person for anyone over 3 years of age. The show is in a tent so rain is not a factor. There are bleachers and also open spaces in front to sit. As our friend Cindy suggested, bring a blanket to spread out, it can get muddy. It lasted about 2 hours with a 15 minute break. They change location every weekend and there is still one weekend left. Next weekend they perform at Chase Park. I highly suggest it and if they do it again next year I’ll definitely go again.

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