Pregnancy Update – 10 Weeks

Thanks to everyone for all your concerns about me right now.

As far as this pregnancy goes, it seems that everything is earlier and everything is much more. Double, in fact!

With the first two pregnancies, there were no signs of pregnancy before my missed period. This pregnancy found me spitting from nausea into a CVS bag on the way home from a date with my husband well before I missed a period. It was too early even to take a pregnancy test. Yet the hormones were working on me already.

My cravings barely have time to root themselves before I’ve moved onto something else. Sometimes a craving will gross me out mid-bite. We have a lot of opened, half eaten junk food around right now.

The exhaustion is much, much more pronounced as well. I know I’m older, and I know I also have two kids keeping me up all night so it’s hard to say exactly where the exhaustion comes from. But most days it feels like the middle of the night all day long.

Still, I can’t complain too much. I am not nauseous anymore. Sometimes queasy, but nothing like the horror stories I hear from some woman. I’m also very lucky to have a husband who is so considerate. I feel like the pedestal he normally keeps me on has been given a big riser. He’s really been stepping it up around the house and watching the kids more. All while trying to close nine different deals at work. And he does it all without complaint or expecting any thanks in return. Thanks Adam!

Next week I have another check up with my OB/GYN and I am also giving blood to another doctor for genetic testing. This blood along with an ultrasound they do in 2 weeks replaces the normal Amniocentesis and will let us know if our babies have any genetic abnormalities.

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