A Lesson on Hosting

With Thomas, Our Driver

Last night we experienced a night of culinary delight, lovely conversation, and great decoration.

We were invited to a very unusual Halloween party.

Our host’s property was so large that we were driven from the house to the barn in their own private golf cart.

This was no ordinary barn. There were no horses. It was clean and pristine with a make-shift kitchen and lounge chairs outside overlooking the beautiful scenery.

Ghoulish Poker

The barn was decorated to the hilt with Halloween decorations. Most were battery powered and operated by the clapper technology, or any loud noise for that matter. When someone made a joke at the table, the ghouls, ghosts and witches laughed right along with us.

We were served a traditional German meal. It was so delicious, I kept thinking how pleased I was to be eating for three at that point. I filled my plate to the brim and mopped it clean with my pretzel bread. Our host served us Sauerbraten, a marinated beef so delicate it practically fell apart when you speared it. Yummy potatoes that I regret not finding out the name of, beets, home made apple sauce, and green beans made an eye pleasing pile on my plate. I was completely full but still found room for the THREE desserts served afterwards and the take home halloween cookies.

The Table

Every detail was thought of. Water on the table (how many parties do you go to where they forget water?!), votive candles, little halloween decorations on our plate, which were so cute they were stolen by all the guests, halloween music, gorgeous food served at the perfect temperature by the host and her helpers, someone was always running around checking that your drink was full, even the bathroom smelled good! I kept wandering around thinking, “I must make a mental note of this for my own parties.” It was truly a lesson in hosting.

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