Bengtson’s Pumpkin Farm

Me and My Pumpkins

Yesterday we were invited to join our friends, the Smiths, at Bengtson\’s Pumpkin Farm. I have only been to one other pumpkin farm before so I didn’t have much to compare it too. The one I went to was called Sonny Acres and it was quaint and country-like. Bengtson’s, by contrast, was like arriving at a theme park in Orlando. The rides were much better, but the lines were much longer. It made me realize the Jack is ready for a place like Disney. He had a blast, didn’t mind the lines, actively sought new rides and laughed hysterically when he rode them. Ben is definitely not ready. He did not appreciate us telling him where to stand and for long periods of time, or getting ushered around in any sort of time frame that was not his own.

Frog Jump Ride

Petting Zoo

As usual, our city born and raised kids were too scared to feed the animals at the petting zoo. In fact, after I fed the Alpaca carrots and it thanked me by spewing carrot chunks out of his nose at me, I didn’t blame them. Adam tried to protect me by threatening to turn it into a nice sweater.

The price for admission was free for ages 2 and under, $10.99 for kids 3-11, and $11.99 for age 11 and up. They do have a coupon online which gives you a $1 off each admission price. Some things were free like the playground, slides, hay ride, pig races, and much more, other rides like the Frog Leap and Train were $2 per person. Pony rides were $5. There was lots of naughty food to eat and I took full advantage of my ‘eat for three’ status and enjoyed a funnel cake. Mmmm.

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