Pregnant. Again.

Yes. You read it right. I’m having as hard a time believing it as you are. But the signs are all there. The Doritoes and fried chicken cravings. The exhaustion. The pregnancy brain. I actually misspelled our last name in permanent ink on Jack’s school project last week. Poor Adam was late for work that morning so he could run to CVS and buy white out to cover my mistake.

This morning we heard the unmistakable sound of a heart beat from one of the doctor’s contraptions. But there’s a twist. It wasn’t one heart beat. IT WAS TWO HEART BEATS.

I’m going to be a mother of four. I’m going to have four kids under five. I’m freaking out.

So much for our discussion about keeping our car and fitting a kid in the middle seat. Bring on the mini van!

So much for my thoughts on not getting any help with another kid. Our house will become a revolving door of helpful family members. With maybe a few energetic college students rolled in. Or maybe an Au Pair? Oh my, we have a lot of decisions to make.

Adam and I often joke that being born is like winning the sperm lottery. Out of all the sperm that get blocked, or make it to the party but then find out they are too late or too early, this one very lucky sperm makes it through not only at the right time but manages to beat all the others too. This time we had not only one but TWO lucky winners. What are the odds of that? Hmmmm, perhaps today would be a good day to buy some lottery tickets…


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1 thought on “Pregnant. Again.

  1. Shut the front door! Wow!! Congratulations Nikki. Double the fun, double the love!
    I’m freaking out with you. But I also have no doubts you will be fabulous! Frenzied and exhausted at times, but amazing. Your kids hit the lottery when they got you and Adam for parents.
    Looking forward to following your latest adventure…

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