New Batman Shirt

Check out the Cape

How adorable is Jack’s new Batman shirt? It came with a cape Velcro-ed to the back. He loved it so much he asked if I could wash it tonight.

We spent some time this morning practicing some T-Ball with Jack. Later Ben found a guy in the park with a balloon on his head. He was so fascinated he followed him around, staring and pointing.


The Boy & the Balloon

Finally the boy handed the balloon over to Ben. He tried to balance it on his head as well, with less success.

When we left we passed it over to the next little kid that was fascinated by it.

I’m hoping all this cuteness will forgive the embarrassing story I’m about to tell. On the way home from dinner at my new favorite Vietnamese restaurant, Hai Yen, as we strolled across Armitage, I saw that the man in the car patiently waiting for us to pass was our mohel, David Landau. Instinctively I made a cutting gesture with my fingers. I don’t think he appreciated it. As soon as I did it was knew it was wrong. Like flashing Halle Berry shortly after she filmed Swordfish.

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