Mending Fences

Who knew how thrilling reorganizing the house and running errands with just one kid could be?

Jack went back to school yesterday and I knocked a ton of things off my huge to-do list. The one I started before summer started.

In a day, I went from putting out fires to mending fences. Or should I say, from putting out fights to mending clothing?

It was very enjoyable, and very short lived. Jack has been up the past couple of nights with a fever as high as 103°. Poor guy was so tired that he actually crawled into his bed to nap – no fight or stall tactic used at all.

Mom tip – If your kid refuses to take liquid medicine try the chewable kind. We went from hysterical crying, gagging and throwing up mixed with unsuccessful bribery to, ‘Is it time to take my medicine yet?’.

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