Brookfield Zoo Visit

Jack the Snake

The weather dropped 30 degrees over night. Instantly everything changed. An outdoor activity no longer required some sort of water splash area. We donned long sleeves and pants for the first time in months. And we decided it would be a perfect time to revisit the Brookfield Zoo.

Incredibly, most of what we did was completely different from our last visit. We took a very informative tram ride. We petted the sting rays. Ben was very interested in all the animals. Jack was interested in how great snow cones were because they didn’t drip all over you like ice cream on a stick.

As I mentioned before in a previous blog on the Brookfield Zoo, we bought the family membership. Now that we’ve gone twice, it has already saved us money. But we are planning to go back to see the pumpkin carvings and winter ice sculptures too before the membership is up!

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