Another Day in Paradise

The vacation continues…

Another beautiful day

 Today Adam and I took turns helping Jack make a huge ‘man’ cave, complete with an opening for water to rush in.

Jack’s Man Cave

Ben stayed closer to the shore for most of the morning, content to fill trucks with sand.

Ben takes over the other Ben's toys

 This was followed by an enormous buffet lunch. When I saw they had Jamiacan rice and beans I had to dive in. Then I found out they did a wicked ackee and saltfish so I ignored the little voice inside of my head that said, “you are going to spontaniously explode if you eat anything else” and ordered that too.

Yummy Ackee and Saltfish

 This vacation is not for dieting, which is why, after a 2 and 1/2 hour nap for all the kids and most of the adults, I woke and started to dent all the juicy tropical fruits on our counter.

And so another day in paradise continues. After this post I’m headed back to the beach for more messy, sandy, watery fun followed by another huge dinner.

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