Generation Shifts

I find it hard to believe how much we’ve changed as parents since the last generation raised us.

Everything is different.

They didn’t breast feed. We do.

They slept us on the tummy, we sleep our kids on their backs.

They spanked, we do time outs.

Sometimes when I’ve been a particularly lax parent that day I wonder if that is the day they will remember I screwed them up for life.

It also makes me wonder what the next generation will consider bad parenting that we considered the norm.

As I buy my organic produce, dutifully unplug my cell phone charger when not in use, and drink from my BPA free reusable water bottle at the gym, I know somewhere in the back of my mind it’s doing nothing compared to the harm of all those disposable diapers. I know it’s bad but it’s just soooo much easier. And I know firsthand, I did cloth diapers the first time around. I’m just sure I’m going to get scolded in 30 years for that.

I’m also hoping the ‘cry it out’ method will start to get a bad rep. I’m absolutely hate using it! For Ben’s naps I walk him around in a stroller until he falls asleep instead of listening to the crying. There must be a better way. If only co-sleeping was acceptable in my generation, I’m sure I would have done it. Wouldn’t it be nice to transform one room in your house for a sleep room where everyone slept? Maybe the kids would never wake you up in the middle of the night? Or if they did they would roll over, see their entire family there then rest comfortably? Or maybe it would backfire? They would still wake you up AND all their siblings?

One thing I will say since I’ve become a parent is how much more I appreciate my own parents. How much more understanding I have about the things they did or didn’t do. So maybe, just maybe I have a chance.

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