Twins Turn 11

The Twins turned 11 amidst a whirlwind of activities.

On the day of their birthday they had Hebrew school and soccer practice, so we started the night before with a special birthday dinner celebration.

Sushi Birthday Dinner

The day of their actual birthday we did our traditional donut and egg sandwiches, then they opened presents before heading off to school laden with cupcakes for their classmates.

Birthday Donuts
Birthday Cards from the Family

By the time they finished all the after school activities, we barely had time for a quick dinner and birthday cake.

Sweet Mandy Bs All Chocolate Cake

The whirlwind of activity extended to the weekend before their birthday and after which means we weren’t able to have a birthday party until 10 days after their actual birthday.

For their party, we booked Spin, a table tennis venue.

We got enough tables so the kids could play doubles with each other. In my mind I envisioned them breaking into groups of four and playing doubles. Did the reality match my expectations?

Not at all! The party started with almost no one needing paddles because who needs paddles to have a ping pong ball war? All you need is a baseball pitchers arm!

Eventually everyone settled down and played some actual table tennis. It helped that we hired a pro to organize games for the kids and gave him a tray of candy to use as prizes.

Eric, the Pro, Gives Prizes for Any Kid who can Hit a Ball through the Giant Connect Four
Aaron gets Extra Time with the Pro, Eric

Eventually the cake came out. Everyone says the pandemic is over but that doesn’t mean people want to go back to cake candle blowing. Covid or not, no one wants accidental spittle from another person on top of their cake slice.

Sparklers Replace Candles for the Ping Pong Themed Cake

We still had an hour or more of fun before the time the party was over. And the kids did not waste a minute of it….

Not Sure if Sam Used a Paddle the Entire Time?

Afterwards, we headed home to open all the wonderful presents the twins friends gifted them.

It was another successful birthday. I couldn’t be more proud of these two, and hope they have a wonderful birthday year!

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