Florida for Winter Holiday 21/22

Once again we spent our winter holiday in Florida. This year we stayed in the house my sister and I recently inherited.

We had a very long, very rainy two day drive down, stopping in Atlanta overnight.

It was glorious to be in Florida again. My dry itchy skin instantly went away and the daily dose of sunshine gave everyone a much needed vitamin D boost.

Every day I would drive with the windows down and the sun roof open. The warmth of the sun on my skin, the humidity of the ocean air, the sounds from the same radio station I listened to in high school, and my cut off jean shorts made me feel young again. The trick was to avoid looking at the rear view mirror at your 49 year old yourself, driving a minivan, lest the illusion be broken.

We took full advantage of the weather with daily outdoor exercise.

Every day Ben and Aaron were out in front of this basketball net playing “pig”. Some days Sam and Jack would join as well.
We practiced volleyball with Aunt Lara (not pictured) when she was here, and other days when she was not.
A lot of tennis!
Red Reef
Football catch at Red Reef.

Most of the hot and sweaty exercises were followed by jumps in the pool. Not just ours but everyones!

Lounging in Japo’s pool.
Practicing our headstands in Japo’s pool.
On colder days, swimming in Grandpa’s heated pool was preferable.
Football jump and catch game in Grandpa’s pool.
Gina and Mike’s pool.

As always, my favorite part of the trip was spending time with family and friends.

Christmas Eve dinner with all the fixings.
Lunch with Dad, Auntie Doris, Aunt Maryvonne, Cousin Julian and his lovely girlfriend Alexandria.
Brunch with Aunt Lara, who graciously volunteered to watch the kids for a night so Adam and I could have a staycation at The Ray in Delray Beach. No idea what the kids are doing in the background?
Checking out Gina and Mike’s new house.
New Years Eve with Jessica.
Grandpa treats everyone to Coldstone for my birthday. Aaron’s favorite hand to hold is Grandpa’s.
Aaron’s favorite seat.
Sam’s favorite seat.
How many players for Connect Four?
Luff’s seafood restaurant. Grandpa babysat so Adam and I could eat here. It was so good we took the kids the next day!

After leaving South Florida, we took the kids to Universal Studios for two days.

Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure.
Butter Beer.
Interactive Wands.
Ice Cream in Diagon Alley.

So much fun, I was so unhappy for it all to end. Adam closed 7 deals while we were in Florida, so most of the vacation he was stuck in the office missing it all. Which just makes me determined to go back soon…

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