More Hanukkah Bears

On the third morning of Hanukkah the boys woke up to bears on swings, well most of them anyway….

🎶 One of these bears is doing their own thing🎶

Fourth morning of Hanukkah….

Darth Vader vs the Hanukkah Alliance

When Sam discovered the bears, he knew right away which side he was on.

Sam is pure “light side”.

Fifth morning of Hanukkah…

Kitkat Jenga and Skillet M&Ms.

The twins are still young enough to be excited to find the bears every morning. Which makes all this nutty creativity worth it!

Guess what’s for dessert tonight?

Sixth night of Hanukkah…

My rendition of the “Stack the States” game.

This was my interpretation of a game the boys have been obsessed with lately, called Stack the States. They also play Presidents vs Aliens from the same company. I love how educational it all is, so I shamelessly promote it any chance I get. Aaron knows the game so well that he told me I got the colors of the states all wrong!

Actual picture of the Stack the States game.

In between all the wacky morning Hanukkah Bear adventures, we have been celebrating Hanukkah by opening lots more of our Legos gifts.

The Hydra Stomper
Alligator or Crocodile? We are all in disagreement as to which one it is.
Harry Potter Chess Set

This was my favorite Lego purchase this year. The instant Ben finished it, everyone started playing chess together.

I also finally manage to get myself together enough for a Hanukkah dinner, which Ben helped me make.

Matzo Ball Soup, Challah, Potato Latkes, Broccoli and Baked Salmon with Tomatoes.

Stay tuned, two more nights of Hanukkah Bears to go….

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