Nephew’s Graduation

I told you how amazing my husband was for letting me skip our date night last weekend  and leave him with the kids so I could see my friend Anna in Boston?

Well, HE LET ME DO IT AGAIN this weekend. I married a saint.

This weekend I was in North Carolina witnessing my nephew’s college graduation.DSC_0398He graduated with a Computer Science degree and (unlike me at that age) already has a full time job!DSC_0413

Clay's fan club

Clay’s fan club

After watching the ceremony, we had dinner in Asheville at Tulepo Honey. IMG_0145

I also had enough time to stop by my friend Jennie’s house another night, where her husband had a delicious dinner prepared for us. DSC_0357

My Dad was there too!DSC_0359And Lara gave me my birthday presents. IMG_4126

I got to choose from a variety of hats that she knitted herself and I got a signed copy of my friend Jennie’s book. Yep, not only is Jennie’s husband a great cook, but she’s a published author too! This book was so well received that she has already pre-sold her next book!

And if you didn’t think she was cool enough yet then wait, there is more. While I was at Lara’s she showed me the book she used to knit all the different hats and look who was the model for the hats…IMG_4131We also got to tour around the Lake on Lara’s new golf cart (which came with a house she bought in this amazing community.)DSC_0438It was such a nice weekend. I woke up each morning on my own, without the ‘help’ of a child. And we spent hours leisurely hanging out talking and laughing.

Seeing my nephew graduate, catching up with my good friend Jennie, and spending time with family – an omne trium perfectum.

I don’t think I even have words to express how appreciative I am for this charmed life I live.

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