Ben’s End of the Year Picnic

Today was Ben’s end of the long (11 month) school year.

As usual, his school celebrates with a fun afternoon picnic and party.IMG_7450 IMG_7444

The party took place on their playground.IMG_7467

In addition to the climbing and toys, they hired a group to play games.IMG_7442

This is one where they have to transfer water from a full tub to an empty one with a sponge. IMG_7457 IMG_7455

And the kids favorite, turning mommy into a mummy!IMG_7477

This year Ben and Aaron got in on the action. Can you spot Ben in the picture above?IMG_7473

The kids also loved the pizza, unlimited lemonade and brownies!

It was a really fun afternoon.

I am so grateful that Ben has a school like this, one that accepts him completely, understands his struggles, and tries their best to accommodate them.

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