Soccer Fest 2017

After last year’s soccer fest, where Coach Adam and Jack’s team fought their way from the bottom of the line up to the unlikely 3rd place winners – in an overtime sudden death shoot out no less, I didn’t think anything could ever top it.

Well, never say never.

This year Jack’s team won the max points they could on the first day – 14 points for winning both games and having both of them be shut outs (the other team did not score).

This seeded them in medal position no matter they did the next day.

As it turns out, the second and third place teams played each other for their third game, knocking one of the two top teams out before the final. Jack’s team ended up with a forfeit for their third game as the other team didn’t have enough players, which gave them another 5 points.

Which meant Jack’s team ended up in the final as one of the top two teams. It was first or second place!

And how did it end? Well, they tied 1-1 and ended up in ANOTHER sudden death overtime. The first 5 players shot and it was STILL tied!

Jack’s team won on the 6th kick.IMG_2371 IMG_2375


I couldn’t possibly eat my words if I say again this year that nothing can beat this year’s excitement, right?

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