Ben’s Spring Break

Ben celebrated his spring break on this cold, rainy week in Chicago.

Still I tried my best to make each day fun and special for him.

Some of the activities included swimming (while the twins had a lesson).IMG_6161

A trip to the Morton Arboretum to look for trolls. DSC_0279 DSC_0285

While we were there we picnicked, enjoyed the playgrounds,DSC_0295 DSC_0282

the maze, DSC_0300

and this really big hill…DSC_0306

Ben also had TWO playdates with his buddy from school. First we hung out here for the day and went to pump it up in the afternoon.IMG_6127

Then, another day, we went to the Children’s Museum together. It was Ben’s first look at the new, “Once Upon a Castle” room. DSC_0314

I really liked how all the boys just grab swords and form a motley crew. Something about the room really promotes group play.DSC_0321

We also went upstairs where Ben had a pick up game of chess. It was a proud moment for me to watch him find a friend to play with then find the grace to lose to him.

In the past anything could have happened. Ben refusing to play by the rules. Ben refusing to lose. Ben breaking down in a fit of rage and frustration.

Finally I took him horseback riding. It’s something he loves to do and now that he is 7 he can actually hit the trails.IMG_6165

Afterwards they gave us a tour of the barn and Ben boldly petted and fed the animals.IMG_6180

There were also other treats. Like going out to dinner, donuts for breakfast, or spending an evening eating ice cream from Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream shop.IMG_6100

Overall I’d say we had a successful, fun filled week for him.

Now I get less than a week’s rest before it’s time to pull off the same performance for Jack!

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