Tooth Fairy Superhero Hunt

Last time my father was in town he came up with a brilliant game for Ben, one that kept him in his room away from his brothers, one that kept him off the iPad, one that made him think.

He simply took his collection of miniature superheros, hid them in his room, and told him to find them.

We have been playing this game ever since.

So when Ben lost another tooth, the tooth fairy decided to join in the fun and play a round of ‘hunt for the superheros’.dsc_0938

dsc_0943Many were in plain sight, but they were so small and we have so much junk in our house I figured he would walk right past them. He saw quite a few though, I guess his mini superhero spotting has been keenly honed. Luckily he has done enough of these to know to follow the clues, not what he sees.

Some were not in plain view, too, but he managed to find them all without the usual help of his older brother.dsc_0957 dsc_0939 dsc_0956

When the tooth fairy had the idea, she didn’t realize he has over 20! She used it as an opportunity to get him moving, alternatively hiding them in the basement and the first floor. But that also meant she had to climb up and down the stairs three as many times.

First to hide the superheros.dsc_0951

Then to go back and put the clues behind them.dsc_0958

Finally to follow Ben around to watch him find them.dsc_0966

Finally Thor gave him an envelope of money. $10 dollars, all ones rolled up like a pimp roll, which he carefully counted out to $11.dsc_0968

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