Fall Fest at the Zoo

On a playdate this week, my friend Laurie mentioned that the Lincoln Park Zoo was holding it’s annual Fall Fest. Today we decided to go check it out.dsc_0771

The Zoo is free to enter, and since it’s close enough for us to walk to, it’s always considered a great, low cost form of entertainment.

But that changes if you decide to buy tickets for all the exciting things there are to do for Fall Fest.dsc_0776

We didn’t see them all, since every time you decide to enter with 6 people to any of these attractions it’s $30, but we did use the tickets wisely. A $30 ferris wheel ride? Probably a waste of money.dsc_0775

But for the corn maze it was a bargain.dsc_0783

Next to the maze were barrels of hay. A couple of barrels of hay? Hours of entertainment!dsc_0800

The twins spent a lot of time in Tot town too.dsc_0827 dsc_0828 dsc_0834 dsc_0835

But the obstacle course was over in about 2 seconds, and the kids immediately asked to do it again.dsc_0820 dsc_0821 dsc_0825

We missed the pumpkin patch, but it seemed to be a good area for very young kids.dsc_0819

The carousel, which is there year round, was part of the ticket sales, as well as the train which we missed.img_1461

We left with three tickets, so looks like we will be back again soon…

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