Ben’s 7th Birthday Party

Today we celebrated Ben’s 7th birthday with a movie themed party.

At first we were planning a Star Wars theme, including showing the first movie of the series but when Ben heard the twins would not be able to view it, he very sweetly switched to the Minions movie. But he still wanted the Star Wars cake.DSC_0841

We held the party at Facets.

In addition to this super cool marquee, they also popped us popcorn for the movie, had an entire theater reserved just for our party, and let us use a private room upstairs after the movie.

We were able to bring anything we wanted to supplement the party and we used the opportunity to bring box movie candy and lots of drinks.DSC_0846 DSC_0849


Another sign at the entrance of the theater.

Minions was a huge success, and having a private theater where the kids could talk without being shushed was key.DSC_0860

Afterwards we headed upstairs to the party room for lunch and cake.DSC_0864 DSC_0869 DSC_0873

They didn’t rush us out. Sometimes these parties are very tightly scheduled and I really appreciated their relaxed attitude. DSC_0875

Opening all his presents.DSC_0878

Facets also gave us free tickets to their film festival, which we added to these movie themed, popcorn goodie bags. (missing blow up punch balls)

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