Don’t ask why, but last night we found ourselves traveling across two state lines and one time zone to see the band Styx.

Before going to the show, my expectations of seeing an 70s/80s rock band were to sing a few songs from a long forgotten past. IMG_4350

But I didn’t realize how much those songs would evoke memories of that forgotten past. I happy held up my modern day lighter (iPhone flashlight) and swayed along with the crowd, remembering the good old days.

The days of no responsibility, or piling in cars and riding around town chasing the next party, blasting music on our car radios or from our home made mixed cassette tapes.

Music blaring out of our boom boxes while we sat baking in the summer sun.

Or the under 21 bar we used to frequent, “Weekends” where we could wander around in circles, stopping only to break out our running man or wave moves on the dance floor.

It was good old fashioned nostalgia, blaring boldly from a bright, colorful stage filled with very talented musicians.


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