7th Annual Easter Egg Hunt

As our schedules get busier and busier, it gets harder and harder to have large group gatherings. There were quite a few emails going around trying to find a time we would all be available. But in the end, I was pleased to see so many regular participants were able to attend the annual easter egg hunt.

Sadly we couldn’t get it perfect, so Kelly and her kids were dearly missed. Hopefully next year she won’t be bound by naps. Also Karen and her kids, who have recently moved to Spain were noticeably absent.

Even though the extra testosterone those moms throw off was missing, there was still more than enough to go around.

No one will mess with this gang in the playground.

No one will mess with this gang in the playground.

Wrestling for fun. I'll never understand boys.

Wrestling for fun. I’ll never understand boys.

Actually, there was a precise 20 minute time period where all the kids who could attend were present.

We quickly put the eggs out and lined them up.DSC_0899

And then they were off!


Like most activities with kids (meals and laundry to name a few) we parents spend so much time preparing – buying eggs and candy, stuffing them, placing them out for the hunt and then the kids plow through it all in 10 minutes or less.


Time to eat the spoils.

Time to eat the spoils.

It turned from a windy, wintery morning to a sunny, warm (for Chicago) afternoon and I was glad in the end to have made such an effort again. Nice for the kids to frolic in the fresh air and open spaces together.

Nice for the adults too.


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