Clean Eating

Is it just because I used to live in South Florida, or is everyone on social media seeing the impact of Shaun T? Work out videos, protein shakes, food, and his apparel are everywhere.

I must admit, I’ve been curious.

I’ve seen a few old high school buddies turned Beachbody coaches flaunting their before/after pictures on Facebook and secretly wished I had the same results.

But how can a tired mother of four possibly make time to exercise and avoid all the sugary treats that permeate the house?

I didn’t think I could do it, even though I gave it a half hearted attempt. I’ve been drinking Shakeology, for at least a year now. It’s helped me keep my weight down, but I wouldn’t call it a great success.

I was still unhappy with my figure. I was still buying clothes based on what covered my belly, what wouldn’t make people ask me, “When are you due?”.

I really hate that question now.

I first learned about Shakeology from a friend’s nanny. She also referred me to lots of other stuff over the years, like the organic local veggie delivery I did for so long, Irv and Shelley’s Fresh Pick’s.

One day I saw that nanny, Megan, in the park and she was transformed. Just like my old high school buddies on Facebook! She too had become a Beachbody coach. You’d think I would have handed myself over to her right then and there but I still resisted.

Last week she caught me just at the right time, and I agreed to join her clean eating group.

I was given a list of food and recipes which I cooked up on Sunday. Monday morning I  took my first “before” picture, then reluctantly posted it to our private Facebook page.

Looking at those pictures was worth hours spent in a therapist office. It was a serious reality shock. Winter hides more than you realize.


Above, 5 preplanned meals. The egg was a replacement for 1/2 cup quinoa and coconut. I know quinoa is the new superfood, but I still think it tastes rank.

You eat the same thing every day for a week.

You also get your daily intake of water in.

And exercise every day.

Finally, you check in every day. If you screw up, 14 other people are there to judge you. For some reason, that really helps keep you in line.

I must say, I really enjoyed having my meals already planned for the week.

I can’t tell you how often I wander around the kitchen trying to calorie control my next feed. How often I emotionally eat, how often I mindlessly graze. I often eat leftover that I hate wasting even when I’m not hungry. And I’m addicted to sugar. Especially sugar and chocolate together.

But the thing I enjoyed most was doing something positive for myself, trying to fix something that had been bothering me for so long. Having the answer to your problems handed to you is really very helpful. All you have to do is follow the instructions. I was tired of thinking, of trying to mentally count calories in my head, of mentally debating each bite before I took it.

After 6 days I took my after picture. I didn’t notice much change but I weighted in 2 pounds less and 1/2 inch off my waist.

I’d say it was a roaring success.

So much so that’s I’ve decided to join Megan’s 21 day fix group starting February 15.

Are you sick of the way you look and feel? Want to join me? It’s much more fun with a friend…

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