Last Day of Winter Break

While it was tempting to stay at home and sort through the 14 boxes of junk that Adam recently found while cleaning out our storage unit, we decided the best thing to do today was give the kids one last fun adventure before they started school tomorrow.

We debated on which museum to visit before finally settling on something less educational, more contained. Something a bit more interactive for the kids. Something that would be fun for all.

This afternoon we went to Waveland Bowl for Cosmic Bowling.


When we got there there was a twenty minute wait for our lane. We used the time to get ourselves a treat at the restaurant.DSC_0265

Aaron was extremely happy with his gigantic drumstick. At home he can only have a mini one of these for dessert.


Sam missed the entire snack. He fell asleep in the car and I had to carry him in.

Shortly after taking this photo he peed all over me.

The worst thing about that fact is that he wasn’t the only person who got peed on today. This morning Ben decided it was a good idea to pee all over Aaron, Shogun style.

We all got over it eventually, as we do with so many of the strange and incredulous things we witness having four boys.

And so we were onto bowling…

DSC_0288The twins used the push and roll style while Ben did a group throw with Adam and Jack got up and barreled it down the lane with a powerful side throw.


Adam patiently helped all the younger kids with each of thier turns while I was on bathroom and ‘nag them to stay behind the line’ duty.

Near the end Aaron fell into the same fate Sam had earlier and missed his last few turns.


At least he didn’t pee on me…

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