Hoodie Footie

Ask and you shall receive. Or more modernly, people often say ask the universe for it.

Whatever the expression, it all must be true, especially around your birthday.

Last week it was cold enough for the twins to start wearing footed jammies.

The Hoodie Footie

The Hoodie Footie

“I loved those when I was a kid!” I said as they jumped around gleefully in them and refused to take them off the next morning. (It was a welcome departure from their normal refusal to wear any clothing at all.)

So Adam, desperate to buy his wife an original birthday gift for the woman who has everything, had a lightbulb moment.

Hoodie Footie!

Unfortunately when I was commenting to the twins, I was just being nice. See how being nice and putting your intentions out into the universe can screw you?

“Didn’t I make fun of the woman at Timber Ridge last year for coming to “Cookie and Story Time” in her Olaf Hoodie Footie?” I reminded him.

“Yeah, but you don’t have to wear it out in public.” He answered, still looking hopeful.

Ten years ago when Adam bought me stuff I couldn’t wear in public it looked very different from this. Welcome to marriage!

Even though I had my reservations about the new gift, the kids did not. In fact they were smitten with it.

Aaron spent two days putting it on, doing somersaults in it then rolling around on the ground looking like a beached sea lion.IMG_2487

Jack found it on the floor and surprise me before bed.

IMG_2493Then Ben had his turn. He stuck it on and did an entire one person play for me.

IMG_2497Finally I had to see what all the fuss was about.

After all the kids were in bed I tried it on.

You know what? It’s actually really comfortable. Little thumb holes, pocket that fit your phone, and detachable feet.

In fact I liked it so much I’ve found myself wearing it every evening to lounge around it.


I’m so embarrassed to be me right now…

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