Apple Picking 2015

On a last minute decision, we headed up to Harvest Time Orchards for our annual apple picking adventure.

Frankly lately I’ve wanted to do less with the kids.

I’m tired of trying to get them to conform to the rules and regulations of the civilized world.

I’m tired of the dirty looks from strangers.

I’m tired of feeling anxious every second. Vigilantly turning my head and counting to four over and over again, making sure they are all still there. I’m nervous one will be out of my sight for just one second, and in that second get run over by a car, stolen, hurt, lost, or any number of other insane thoughts I have that keep me awake at night.

So I was really weary today. Especially since it was the only weekend we could do it, and afterwards we had a soccer game and pizza party afterwards.

Over scheduling small children is the death of fun.

But Adam said, “Lets to it!”.

It reminds him of apple picking with his grandparents when he was a kid.

Reliving a happy family memory should never denied.

DSC_0127 DSC_0136

Because of the short notice, only the Pasquiers were able to join us…


Once it was all said and done, I was glad we made the effort.

Even though I got the first bee sting in my life…


Pleased to know I’m not allergic!

And Aaron thought it was a good idea to sample all the apples he picked, so when we went to load his apples in the car we discovered a little bite in each one…

And there was a lot of crying, including one particularly rough patch with Ben where a stranger, who was an Occupational Therapist, came up and asked how she could help. I guess it’s obvious to some people what’s going on in our lives. The rest of the people in the vicinity just gawked.

This was at the little playground they have. It’s a cute area where you can wait with the kids while one of the adults sits in the incredibly long line for donuts.

Hours of entertainment from four hay bales that form a square.

Hours of entertainment from four hay bales that form a square.

Tractor tires filled with sand.

Tractor tires filled with sand.

Rolling down the hill.

Rolling down the hill.

Turkeys, Goats, and a pig with an option to feed.

Turkeys, Goats, and a pig with an option to feed.

I think the best part of the day was watching the boys interact with each other, electronic free.


DSC_0165And then, after the long wait, the donuts arrived…


And now that we are back home, time to start searching the internet for apple recipes!

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