Happy 6th Birthday Ben!

Ben turned six today! Happy Birthday Ben!

It’s been a big year for him. Kindergarden. Then kindergarden not working out. Lots of different therapists and therapies. Lots of different kids in different therapy play groups. Trying out (and scaring away) new sitters. Then another new school. The new school making for more changes in his therapy and scheduling.

The best thing that came out of all of those changes was Ben finally finding a school that suits his needs. He seems very happy there. He is more regulated. He is learning, not just academically but socially.

Most people and family members who see him say he seems better. I do see some improvements. Also some deterioration. Some days I wish I could just open up his brain and figure out where the wiring is shorted and fix it for him. But it doesn’t work that way, unfortunately.

Today was a good day. Ben seemed very happy, and as we’ve learned from many therapists, that is a good thing. Some kids can’t manage to be happy even when they are getting the royal treatment all day long.

Birthday Pancakes

Birthday Pancakes

Ben’s school runs all year so he had school today. I don’t think it was a bad thing. Because of school, he actually got TWO celebrations instead of just ONE.

When we picked him up, the teacher handed us half of a leftover cake that they ordered for him, that he picked out himself. Adam and Jack came with me to pick him up and when we saw him, we knew it was a fun day.


After school Bubbie and Grandpa Bill came over and brought Ben to Target to pick out his birthday present. They also generously picked something out for Jack and the twins.

Then we all feasted on Ben’s chosen birthday meal – pepperoni pizza and hot dogs.

For his cake he picked two, cheesecake and ice cream cake. That’s the kind of person is. And Adam let him have both, because that is the kind of person Adam is.DSC_0403

When we got to the candles we realized we didn’t have the number 6, so we improvised.


Finally Ben wanted a piñata, just for him and his brothers. I took him earlier in the week to pick one out and he chose this dragon…


Jack is getting so big that he whacked it in half on the first round, but no one seemed upset they only got one turn after the candy started falling. And yes, the twins are not wearing pants. They are now potty trained but when they undress to go, they never put their clothes back on…

Hope you had a great day Ben, and we can’t wait to have a great birthday party for you this weekend!

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