Will I Remember It All?

Will I remember it all?
The good times that fall?
When we buried ourselves in leaves
That fell from the shivering trees
Before Ben grew so tall,
Before Ben grew a sensory wall.

His hands flapping when excited,
No matter what he could not be blighted,
His esoteric questions about this trinity:
Life and death, the universe, and infinity,
So upset when he felt slighted,
So happy when he was delighted.

What about Aaron’s little smile?
That makes all tantrums worthwhile.
“I’m hungry” was his favorite phrase.
He would watch nothing else but Blaze.
Sticking his tongue out all the while
And brandish sticks mile after mile.

“Retirement Fund” was Sam’s nickname,
His every cylinder firing as bright as a flame.
For a month he decided he was the Hulk.
Call him anything else and would he sulk.
The big words he could proclaim!
Surely he will one day herald great acclaim.

Will I remember Jack’s keen eyes?
That he was always one of the guys?
How he nurtured each and every sibling,
How he could keep us all from quibbling,
Good at every sport he tries,
Changing our lives more than he can realize.

Forty fingers, forty toes,
The closets fill with little clothes,
Toy, books, and food fill every corner of the house,
I barely have time to talk to the spouse,
Emotions magnify, both highs and lows,
All while everything grows and grows.

Will I remember it all?
The midnight waking crying call?
The worry, the hurt, the fear,
The times we laughed until we shed a tear?
The wresting, the cuddles, the nighttime stall,
It’s all such a blur how will I recall?

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