I’ve Been Cheating

Recently I’ve been cheating a bit on my blog.

Yes, blog, I have another lover.

I’m sorry. It’s divided my time at night, and at least once a week I devote myself to it instead of this blog.

It’s Jack’s WOW journal. He writes us notes every week and brings them home on Friday. I then write a note back and send it to him for school on Monday. Wow what a week 1 Wow what a week 2

I’m enjoying it entirely too much. Much, much more than he is.wow spiral

He struggles and fights to write three or four sentences. I stay awake at night trying to top myself with new ways to delight him.Wow Grateful 1 Wow Grateful 2

As Jack gets older and the other kids get more demanding, it’s nice to have this one thing with him. Just for him. A connect that we can share each week.

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