Mary Bartemle Park

Now that summer is closer to over than beginning, I’m starting to have a freak out about lots of things.

Ben starts school in less than a month and still has no IEP. I know for sure that they will not be able to handle him and it is something I worry about daily. I’ve started to call the Office of Diverse Learners daily, leaving messages that go unanswered hoping to find out when he will be tested.

I’m also freaking out about sillier things, things that I put on myself that is completely unnecessary, like the fact that I haven’t taken the kids to do enough fun, new, exciting things this summer.

So this week we started to hit some new parks. Or ones we hadn’t been to in ages. I’ve been using my handy app that my friend Mistie created, Playground Pointers.

Tuesday we tried Holstein Park in Logan Square. It was empty. It was also littered with trash. The wading pool wasn’t open and the water spray feature that looked so enticing in the pictures was a mere trickle. Jack climbed a bit then decided it was too buggy and wanted to leave.IMG_7249


So we headed over to Pulaski Park. It has a cool water playground I thought the kids would love. We got there around 10am and it was empty. I couldn’t believe our luck. But it turns out it was empty because it didn’t open until 11am.

We got back in the car and Jack told me I was fired. We headed home after a failed morning of exploring.

The next day we decided to try Mary Bartelme Park. Jack’s friend from school was with us and I’m pleased to say it was a much better experience.

Ben spent a ton of time climbing this.

Ben spent a ton of time climbing this.

Although the promised water spray feature again wasn’t working. Jack and Jaiden fixed that by using the water fountain to refill.

Water spray in the background.

Water spray in the background.

IMG_7289IMG_7283It is a very cool park, if you get a chance to check it out I highly suggest you check it out.

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