My Awesome Summer Helper

This summer we hired a part time helper. Just like last summer, I used Sittercity. I placed an ad late and was worried all the good people would be taken.

But once again I had incredible luck with the ad. Twenty people applied for the job. Two really stood out. I asked both to come over and visit with the kids. Both seemed more than competent, caring and qualified. In the end Ben decided for us. Both visits he thought it would be funny to attack the applicants with stuffed animals or whatever he had handy. The first applicant handled it well but seemed a bit uncomfortable. The second leaned in and gave him a hug.

We had a winner.

Her name is Brittany and she has been making the summer fun for all of us.

DSC_0611 When our cousin Jackie first met her she thought she was so great she wanted to know if she was single. She would love her brother to marry someone like her! (She isn’t)

At the Zoo

At the Zoo

Calming Ben after a particularly rough morning at the Morton Arboretum.

Calming Ben after a particularly rough morning at the Morton Arboretum.

My mother couldn’t stop talking about how wonderful she was either. I think she called her “healthy”.

DSC_0858I love how she intuitively helps out without me having to ask all the time. Not just being playful with the kids but when the kids are occupied, cleaning, folding, straightening stuff around the house.

Tracing Sam's fingers.

Tracing Sam’s fingers.

This morning while I took Ben to therapy she created this entire humongous hopscotch for the twins and Jack. They had a blast!

IMG_7219It has occured to me when writing this blog that she is so busy helping and playing with the kids all the time that I only have pictures of her bent over my kids! I’ll have to rectify that before summer is over. 

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