Ben’s 5th Birthday

Ben was very adamant that he wanted a teenage mutant ninja turtle party this year.

And so started another Pinterest inspired extravaganza.

Because of Ben’s sensory processing disorder we didn’t want to have any set entertainment. I find having him sit when he doesn’t feel like it is a disaster.

Still we did our best to make it as turtley as possible.

We had teenage mutant ninja turtle balloons.


It was a hot and balmy day so we set up the pool on the back deck as well. I’m always amazed how much fun a tub of water is for kids. But it works every time! We had some TMNT foam stars for the kids to toss around out here but not sure where they ended up. Sometimes when you are planning a party that happens. Most times when you are planning a party that happens. In fact, I’m kicking myself right now as I remember I didn’t put the huge Costco chocolate turtles on the table. Now I’m going to have to eat them all.

DSC_0806 We had more teenage mutant ninja turtle inspired food. Stuff I actually remembered to put out…


After I made this I asked Jack what he thought. He said he liked it except there is no yellow teenage mutant ninja turtle. Oops.

We also had the turtle’s favorite food – pizza!

And of course, the cake. Yes, Adam did it again.IMG_6810


A triple layer cake. Inside was vanilla with two layers of raspberry. I had to break my diet for that one.

After the cake we let the kids stuff their own goody bags full of teenage mutant ninja turtle eggs.


We stuffed 400 green easter eggs full of candy and had a turtle egg hunt.


All lined up at the gate and ready to go!


We also gave out some TMNT masks and coloring books too.DSC_0790

TMNT goodie bags.

People asked how we put together parties so easily. Sometimes they are a lot of work (the Harry Potter Party took ages) but this year I had a lot of help.


A LOT of help…


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