Father’s Day 2014


Happy Father’s Day!

Adam is on his 7th Father’s Day now and I must say this year felt a little different.

Most days that are reserved to celebrate Adam end with him jam packing as many activities as he can in a day. This year was actually quite mellow.

That is not to say he didn’t have his requests. One was breakfast in bed. The breakfast was to be made by ALL of us. But actually only Jack helped me out. The other three kids raided our bedroom and crawled all over him despite the fact that I told them to let him sleep.


The breakfast idea might have been a little premature. Instead of the leisure breakfast he envisioned, the younger boys descended on the strawberries, sticking their little fingers all over his plate.DSC_0540

Eventually he had to abandon the bed and come eat at the regular dining table.

Our present this year turned out really good. So good that Adam asked where I got it done. He was surprised to hear I did it myself.


The truth is I thought of getting it done at the Lincoln Park Zoo, at a stand called “Handimals”. The place was never opened when I could go with all four kids, so I just did it myself.

In the morning, we spent some time at the South Lakeview Park, also know as “The Blue Park”. There were so many Frogs there that we are now considering changing the name to “Le Parc Bleu”.


Other requests were to measure all the kids.


Jack was 51″, Ben 44″, Aaron 35″ and Sam 34″.

Also Adam wanted to play the game of Life with Jack, and Pokeman with Ben. “Okay,” I said, “As long as you don’t expect me to be this eager when it’s my day.”

DSC_0548I don’t think me or the kids did nearly enough to appreciate him the way he deserves but since he is the kind of guy who offered to let me take a nap with the twins during his day of absolute dictatorship, I figured he was happy with the way it turned out.

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