Fresh Picks (June 4)


This week carrots, broccoli raab, chives, tomato puree, crimini mushrooms, asparagus, spinach.

DSC_0348Immediately I used the crimini mushrooms with the broccoli raab. I did some research on the internet because I’ve never had a good result and found out that in order to get the bitter taste out of broccoli raab you have to boil it first. So I boiled it for about 4 minutes. While that was going on I sauteed an onion and the sliced crimini mushrooms in a pan with olive oil. Then added a bit of crushed garlic. Then added the boiled broccoli raab. It was delicious. It was so delicious that I actually ate half of it standing over the oven, digging directly into the pan.

Chive, Bacon and Kerrygold Cheese Omelet

Chive, Bacon and Kerrygold Cheese Omelet

Chives were snipped into various things, like a topping for my baked potato, into and egg and cheese omelet and on top of my salad.

The carrots were used up this way to, by piecemeal cooking. Two were shredded into salad, one was put into bolognese sauce, another few were braised with celery for a side at dinner one night.

I simply steamed the asparagus and tossed it in a little dijon mustard, olive oil, vinegar, salt and pepper. The leftovers were chopped and added to that huge salad I can’t seem to stop talking about.

The spinach was made into yet ANOTHER salad. This 10 days of real food is killing my creativity! But it was exactly what I wanted. I wait all year for summer to come so I can eat all the wonderful fruit available. Watermelon, Rainer Cherries, and Peaches. My favorite way to eat peaches is to grill them. Here they are above, on top of the spinach in my grilled peach salad.

DSC_0476The tomato puree and leftover spinach was used in a lentil dish. Cooked lentils with tomato puree, onions, garlic, chopped spinach and other seasonings all tossed together and warmed. To be served over a bowl of brown rice. Lunch for a week!

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