7th Mother’s Day

For some reason I always approach holidays that celebrate myself with hesitation.

It seems egotistical to celebrate my own fabulousness, and when Adam asks me what I want to do that day I feel that I am inflating my own self-worth by requesting stuff. Then in the very same thought, even as I am scared to make the schedule, I am worried that I’ll be disappointed by the day because it won’t make me feel special enough.

I realize it’s a tough line to walk for the poor hubby!

I did pull the usual Nikki celebration card, where I celebrated mother’s day for numerous days. When Adam asked what I wanted I told him a sitter for Saturday, the day before. He was out of town and I had 3 different games for the older boys. Covering the twins would be a nightmare during Ben’s game. Because of his disorder I have to be with him at all times, even on the field. I was hoping since I didn’t have the twins I could finally get some great photos but of course I forgot to charge the camera so it was dead.

Still, the iPhone helped. IMG_6242

Jack at baseball. You can’t see here but I was the only parent to forget his baseball hat.


Jack at soccer. I was the only mom to get the color socks wrong. See, when people ask me “how I do it” with four kids the answer is, not very well!

As far as actually mother’s day, my day started with cards from Adam and the kids. I was especially touched by the one Jack wrote to me in school.


It says: Dear Mom, I am going to hug you when I get home so much. I made a flower pen. (see it below the letter?) When I get home I love mom. You are pretty mom. I love your cooking. Love, Jack.

Next we headed over to Summer House for a little brekkie. DSC_0062They have retracted the roof and it was lovely to sit semi-outdoors, amidst all the other mothers in their floral dresses and husbands with pink button downs. I guess spring is here. Adam and I were dressed in jeans and between four kids there wasn’t a button among them. Sam refused to sit and they didn’t have enough high chairs so we toughed it out with regular chairs. I do love the food their though, the portions sizes are much more realistic for a woman with no self control. And each time I go I think, next time I’m going to order blah, blah and blah.

I didn’t want to punish Adam for the fact that it was a day to celebrate all the poop I clean and tantrums I endure, although leaving him with all the kids all day did cross my mind. Instead I controlled my inner diva and opted for a park after breakfast.


We went to Montgomery Ward Park. One of our favorites. That thing Jack and Ben is on actually spins.


The twins favorite thing at the park was the water fountain.


Kind of annoying how there is never any public restrooms anywhere near these parks. Luckily Jack has perfected the art of inconspicuous tree peeing. Ben, on the other hand, likes to pull his pants down, then run to a few different trees with his pants at his ankles before deciding where to go.


Afterwards we picnicked next to the park. You can see boats on the river and cars from the highway. Aaron loves to spend hours pointed them all out.

Another request I had for mother’s day was for Adam to spend some time batting with Jack and Ben. You can see them in the far right practicing.


Eventually everyone joined in. Later, during nap time, I had MORE mother’s day requests. For Jack to learn how to tie his shoes and for Ben to put all the wet laundry into the dryer (an exercise suggested by sensory disorder websites). Adam duly did both of these requests while I wandered around shops and eventually went for a run.

Jack was able to tie his shoes on his own twice. May this mother’s day always be remembered as the day Jack learned how to tie shoes!

Ben fell all over the place helping with the laundry and Adam had to prop him up. This is how I know it was a good exercise for him. Because at 4 and 1/2 years old, your balance for something like that should be much better.

As I’m writing this blog I’m waiting for Adam to come downstairs from putting the older kids to bed so we can eat the yummy Thai food that I ordered in.

And so I am signing off. Another wonderful mother’s day for me. I hope all the other moms reading feel as happy and lucky as I do today. Thanks Adam for making it all possible!

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