Fresh Picks (Feb 26)


This week rutabaga, carrots, pea tendrils, yellow onions, red pepper, green cabbage & broccoli.

I used the red pepper, along with the left over peppers from Jack’s birthday and some green beans in a side dish, Packet Roasted Balsamic Green Beans and Peppers.

DSC_0100It came out great and I’ve been eating the leftovers for lunch.

The carrots, an onion, half the cabbage and rutabaga was put in soup along with leftover celery from Jack’s party, a tin of diced tomatoes, a tin of cannelloni beans, garlic, thyme, rosemary, and chicken broth.image

In keeping with the theme, the soup was paired with leftover caprese sandwiches. The mozzarella, tomatoes, and pesto were also from Jack’s party.

Another night I used the broccoli in a stir fry with chicken and mushrooms.image

Finally I sautéed the pea tendrils in garlic and olive oil for a side dish one night. That night we had chicken parmesan and garlic rolls. And yes, the rolls were left over bread from Jack’s party!

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