Hunkered In

IMG_5598Monday there was a wind chill weather advisory. They expected (with the wind chill) the temperature could be up to -45°. The weather people said it was the coldest day Chicago has experienced in 30 years. That you could get frost bite just by spending more than 5 minutes outside.

They are calling it “Chiberia”on social media. There is also a bunch of idiots throwing pots of boiling water in the air to watch it freeze but accidentally scalding themselves. I almost lemminged myself into doing that, thank god I was too lazy to try it!

Adam’s office was closed. The Chicago Public School system was closed. Many businesses shut down as well. We weren’t snowed in, we were cold in.

We thought it was funny. We were happy for a few extra days of holiday. We had no idea what would happen on Tuesday.

Monday we pretty much spend the entire day indoors. It kind of felt like we got a second Christmas. Not the kind of Christmas most people have. Not the Christmas where you stay up late the night before setting up, then wake up early opening presents. Not the day where you blow your diet and stuff yourself and end up in a food coma on someone else’s couch.

Us Jews generally have a low key day with whoever they are living with, maybe go see a movie, then order in Chinese. Since I married Adam and gave up all the awkward gifting moments, overeating and exhaustion, Christmas has become one of my favorite days of the year! A real day off, one without any obligations. A day where you can feel guilt free about sitting around in your pajamas all day.

I know they advised staying indoors, but I had to feel this weather for myself, firsthand.

Adam challenged me to stand outside for 3 minutes. I lasted 2 minutes and 30 seconds. If my friend Heather in Alaska is reading this, I’m sure she is making fun of me right now.

It was like a ghost town out there, but with my full head wool ski mask on it was almost bearable. With this thing on I could have robbed a bank, if any were open that is.IMG_5602

With it off I felt like I was breathing in icicles. Painful.

In the end it was the everyday gloves that did me in. I needed my heavy duty ski ones to make it that extra 30 seconds.

We ain’t in Florida anymore, Dorothy.

We kept ourselves busy. With so many people around there is always something to do. But staying in all day and knowing it tends to change the pace of things. It was nice to have extra time to google chocolate bubble gum, spend time tickling the kids, and saying yes to any games instead of “I’m too busy”.

The kids made their own games up all day…

Ben's naked "jump festival" (his words)

Ben’s naked “jump festival” (his words)

Luckily I wasn’t asked to jump around in my underwear on the bed too. I think I’d have to draw the line on that one.

Adam read lots of Harry Potter to Jack. We cooked whatever was left in the fridge. We spent way to much time with electronic things.

The older boys entertain the younger ones.

The older boys entertain the younger ones.

The next day school and Adam’s office were closed again.

Then it happened. We discovered that our pipes froze.

And worse, we discovered our rental unit’s pipes froze. The rental unit directly above our unit.

Adam was able to use my blow dryer to unfreeze upstairs, but no luck downstairs. So now we are all praying that the frozen water didn’t expand and make a hole in the pipe. That it won’t leak when it defrosts. If it does, it could soak our house and cost A LOT of damage.

Keep your fingers crossed for us!

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