Fresh Picks (Nov 27th)


This week, onions, pumpkin, rainbow carrots, sweet potatoes, sage, spinach and cranberries.

I feel like this post should be labelled “Thanksgiving” instead. Or maybe Thanksgivingish.

We used the cranberries to make a very simple cranberry sauce.

Adam asked for creamed spinach for Thanksgiving and I delivered with this batch. it’s a lighter version, no heavy cream.

Fresh Picks Sweet Potatoes (right) were mixed with store bought ones (left).

Fresh Picks Sweet Potatoes (right) were mixed with store bought ones (left).

When I was a kid I always remembered the marshmallow sweet potato dish and could not resist having it this year. But I also really wanted the pecan, cornflake, brown sugar topping as well. Thanksgiving only comes one a year so I just put both on top.

The rainbow carrots were also put out on the Thanksgiving table. Peeled, cut and steamed. No sauce needed.

Some onions and sage were used in the stuffing.

And the pumpkin was used for pumpkin salsa. WHAT KIND OF THANKSGIVING DISH IS THAT you ask?

Simple Steamed Carrots.

Simple Steamed Carrots.

It’s not. But I’ve been obsessed with Rick Bayless’ Pumpkin Salsa. It’s a limited edition and lately I’ve been eating it like it’s… like it’s… well like it’s going out of style.

I peeled and cut the pumpkin into large chunks and roasted them next to tomatilloes, roma tomatoes and garlic.I put them all in a blender with some chipolte in adobo, one of the onions from above, salt, a dash of sugar. It was a bit thick so I added some water and voila! It wasn’t as spicy as Rick Bayless’ and was a bit sweeter, but I think I can tweak it a bit next time.

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