Zoo Lights 2013

We hit Zoo Lights at the Lincoln Park Zoo tonight.

We try to make it every year, but as we get more and more kids, the task seems more and more daunting. I’m fraught with anxiety I never had with one or two kids. Will I lose one? Will it be fun for all the different age groups?

And then there is that moment before you leave, the one where Ben is throwing a temper tantrum on the floor for no apparent reason, one twin is pulling off the mittens you just put on while the other one is kicking off his shoes where you think that this is definitely NOT worth it.

But in the end Adam and I always do it. We get out, we make the effort. We try let the kids have as many new and different experiences as we can. And in the end it is almost always worth it.

DSC_0266And it was another eventful and fun evening for all. Everyone loved watching the lights that went on and off set to music. The picture above does not do it justice. And the twins did their first train and carousel rides.

Aaron's head is by Ben's chest.

(Aaron’s head is by Ben’s chest.) Adam had to drag Sam out when it was over.

Having so many kids does change the landscape, though. Instead of going and spending a lot of time there we went for about an hour. Adam commented on how different this was from our experience of taking Jack to the zoo when he was the same age as the twins. Adam would ride the carousel with Jack over and over again because Jack loved it so much.

So much time and money back then! If I only knew then what I know now I would have become a nuclear physicist in all that free time I wasted!

DSC_0260These days, once around was plenty. For six of us to ride the carousel for 3 minutes it cost $15!

I know I’ve lived here for a decade now, but it always amazes me how much this city has to offer! Zoo lights are great for all ages so if you are one of my Chicago readers, check the weather for a good night to go. Make the effort.

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