Okay, I may have missed the ball on Aaron talking.

Aaron at the pumpkin patch yesterday.

Aaron at the pumpkin patch yesterday.

In fact, I think he’s been talking for weeks, but poor 4th child doesn’t get the focus and doting he deserves. Poor sweet Aaron, with his mischievous smile and clumsy limbs.

But yesterday, he made it quite clear he was talking when he came over, handed me a round object, and said “BA”.

He definitely identified that object correctly.

Then I realized he’d been saying other things too, like “DIS” (meaning ‘this’) and pointing at whatever it was he fancied at the moment.

Last night, with my newly attuned ears, I heard him say, “OUT” when he was done eating and wanted out of his high chair.

He’s talking, and I have no idea what his first word was. Sorry little guy.

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