Star of the Week

Each week Jack’s school lets one kid from the class be “Star of the Week”.

I couldn’t get a lot of details about the perks, besides the fact that you get to fill out this poster then talk about it to the class…

imageBasically Jack’s favorite color is green, his favorite movie is Cars 2, he wants to be a race car driver when he grows up, and his favorite foods are sushi and cha siu bao (Chinese steamed BBQ pork bun). I was kind of proud he picked such exotic food.

But it wasn’t the section that made me proudest.

The section that made my heart wilt was the, “My friends are:” section. There were only 5 lines, and then a section below you could add your pet to. He wanted to add all 28 of his classmates to his friend section. How sweet is that? So we covered up the pet section and made more room for the names of all his friends.

Later he told me it had been three weeks of posters and he hadn’t gotten on anyone’s friend list yet. But he didn’t hold a grudge, because he added all his classmates, even the ones who went before him. And when he reads it today he’ll make every single little 6 year old in his class feel important and loved.

Oh, and you also have to bring in a snack each day of the week when you are star of the week. Guess what the kids got today…

Fresh picked apples!

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